Founders feast – Financial Times

If Sir Ron Brierley, New Zealands stamp-collecting corporate raider, enjoys the occasional dollop of Schadenfreude, he must have had a chuckle yesterday.Not only did Bob Matthews and Paul Collins, the…

Corporate raiders on the run for the moment

THE BUSINESSES associated with Sir Ron Brierley, the enigmatic New Zealand entrepreneur who this spring unsuccessfully laid siege to Vickers, are shifting their focus away from corporate raiding - at…

TKM accelerates to over 52m pounds

TOZER KEMSLEY & Millbourn (Holdings), the motor group in which Sir Ron Brierleys IEP has a controlling interest, increased pre-tax profits by 19 per cent to 52.62m in 1989.

Brierley bids 55m pounds for GPG

Sir Ron Brierley, the New Zealand businessman, emerged yesterday as the potential buyer of GPG, the trouble-prone UK financial services group, with an offer valuing it at 55m.

Cummins sues its biggest shareholder

CUMMINS ENGINE, the leading US diesel engine manufacturer, yesterday sued its biggest shareholder, Sir Ron Brierleys Industrial Equity (Pacific) Ltd.

Brierley – The Lex column

The fact that Sir Ron Brierley has raised some 250m from his UK portfolio since January might suggest that he expects New Zealands recession to start exporting itself round the…

Brierley looks to France for takeover targets

SIR RON BRIERLEY, chairman of the New Zealand-based Brierley Investments (BIL), believes the corporate battles between French companies, which have become more prominent in recent years, provide ...

Brierley reassesses its strengths

SIR RON BRIERLEY, New Zealands best-known' entrepreneur, at 50 is handing over the day-to-day running of his corporate empire and concentrating more on his own research into underworked assets ripe…

Brierley shares trade at discount

Sir Ron Brierley, the founder of New Zealands second biggest company, is having to work overtime to prove to his 167,000 shareholders that he has not lost his Midas touch.…

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