Making money is all he wants to do

Sir Ron Brierley collects stamps. His only other known hobbies are collecting companies and cash - pastimes which have helped him stay the course.

Sir Ron tries it on

ONE does not have to be a particular friend of Vickers management to smell the whiff of desperation in Sir Ron Brierleys latest move. By telling the world that a…

General Accident buys half of NZI from Brierley

It would be hard to find two more complete opposites than Sir Ron Brierleys BIL, practised corporate wheeler and dealer, and General Accident, more cautious even than the typically conservative…

Molins TKN upped offer

Although appearing to operate in a mature market, cigarette machinery manufacturer Molins has strong recovery potential. Mr Ron Brierleys Tozer, Kemsley & Millbourn seems determined to succeed in its bid…

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