Sir Ron looks to life without GPG

With a glowing new balance sheet behind him, Sir Ron Brierley has indicated that London investment house Guinness Peat Group will not last forever.

GPG has war chest ready

Sir Ron Brierleys investment vehicle, Guinness Peat Group, is looking to England and Australia for opportunities to spend its estimated $500 million to $600 million war chest. GPG director Tony…

Regrets yes hes got a few

Sir Ron Brierley says the past 10 years have been wasted ones for the company that still bears his name. Why did Sir Ron Brierley, investment guru and avid stamp…

Enza to register GPG FR Partners shares

Enza said yesterday that it had agreed to register the shareholdings of Guinness Peat Group and FR Parmers, which are each seeking 19.9 per cent of the apple and pear…

GPG profits as Lion boosts wine stake

Guinness Peat Group pocketed $10 million in a share transaction which sees Lion Nathan strengthen its grip on the countrys largest winemaker, Montana.In a two-pronged deal, G-PG has sold its…

Orchard gate is open for big boys

A year ago this month, the previous Government made the historic move to deregulate the kiwifruit and apple sectors while trying io do the same for the dairy Industry.The timebomb…

Rival bidders for Enza in fruitful talks

The rival bidders for monopoly applemarketing company Enza have been putting their heads together.Last night, Guinness Peat Groups Tony Gibbs said talks had been held with associates of Timaru millionaire

Collins makes golden BIL exit

Paul Collins did not have an employment contract with Brierley Investments but he still managed to negotiate possibly the largest golden parachute this country has seen.

IEP battler runs out of funds

Mr Peter Cockle, the Auckland lawyer battling to stop Brierley Investments' full takeover of Industrial Equity Pacific or to get better value through the Hong Kong court, says he is…

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