Brierley in big league

Last week the sharemarket showed considerably more life than the Opposition's alternative economic strategy although there was a certain similarity in that all the old favourites got the best airing.

Brierleys burning

Despite selling at record levels, shares in Brierley Investments could surge up another dollar before the company announces its 1985 result.

Is Brierley reaching end of its run

ONE OF THE most popular trading stocks for years on the New Zealand share market, Brierley Investments, had its share price cut back to $2.75 last week after shedding its…

Not closing Auckland Star

"WE'RE'NOT considering closing the Auckland Star". .Thats what New Zealand News Ltds managing-director, Mr Neville' Webber said this week after a team of management consultants was brought in to help…

Brierley empire suffers setback

Millionaire "asset stripper" Ron Brierley's New Zealand business empire took a knock this week when three of his top men left to form a takeover company of their own.

Rons empire cant lose

There's nothing like a gentle nudge from takeover specialist Ron Brierley to galvanise an asset-rich but poorly-formed company like John Burns into giving shareholders a juicy deal.

King Rons rocking the boats

Takeover king Ron Brierley is rocking Australian business boats in more ways than one, according to the Financial Review. It says his Industrial Equity Ltd, has not honoured the debts…

When will Ron make bid for Godzone

After one of his coups across the Tasman recently, it was jokingly suggested that if Mr Ron Brierley makes a takeover offer for New Zealand we should all pray for…

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