Car dealer bid

BRIERLEY Investments Ltd has launched a $NZ60 million ($48 million) takeover offer for the leading New Zealand Ford dealer Colonial Motor Co Ltd.The offer of $NZ3.50 a share for all…

Faulding again rejects Kiwi

Kiwi International Co Ltd today stepped up its strongly opposed takeover operation against local pharmaceutical group, F. H. Faulding & Co Ltd.

Poor returns force merger

Poor profit returns on the massive funds tied up in pastoral activities hove forced Southern Formers and Bennett & Fisher to merge these interests.

Challenges government to save Johnson

The chairman of Industrial Equity Ltd., Mr. Ron Brierley, today claimed the SA Government was fully aware a receiver would be appointed to the Johnson Leather Co. if no practical…

IELs broad South Australia interests

The decision this week to appoint a receiver to Johnson Corporation, operator of the Mount Barker tannery, raises the question of the potential impact on employment in this State held…

Way cleared on bid for Noske

The Victorian Government has withdrawn from battles by Noske Industries Ltd. and VIA Ltd. against raider Industrial Equity Ltd.The Company Takeovers Committee says the offer by IEL for Noske is…

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